Credits and contributors

Behind this exhibition is a suite of poems and some ideas for experiencing poetry that came from my Residency here at Bank Street. I’ve done things here that I would never have been able to without this Residency, so I’m hugely grateful for the chance and the space. I’m also grateful to the Arts Council, England, who have funded part of this work, and to Hallam University, who have supported me throughout the work.

However, over 100 other people have contributed to make this exhibition work.

Key people are:

Michael Harding, responsible for taking my ideas for the audio installation and turning them into something which works, even powerfully at times. You can track him down at:

Katherine Johnson, visual artist with a delicate sensibility, responsible for the finer objects in the exhibition, the look and feel of the white space, and the delicate maze of the Garden of Stones. Her work and bio is featured at:

Chris Roast developed the programming beneath the digital poems. Chris researches in computing at Sheffield Hallam University. See his site at:

John Clark, as curator of Bank Street, and Ben Womack, as curator of this exhibition, who have overseen and implemented an unpredictable series of changes and evolutions.

Additionally, there’s all the readers and writers who have contributed to the audio piece. These are:

Writers Readers
Alison Mace Andrea Ashworth
Angelina Ayers Angie Lauener
Angus Lindsay Anne Florence Dujardin
Ann Claytor Ashley Uruchurtu
Brian Wood Barbara Vesey
Carol Beadle Bev Bevan
Carol Cooper Bryony Doran
Carolin Pellinore Chella Quint
Cathy Bolton Claire Lockwood
Christine Morrison Cora Greenhill
Cora Greenhill Diana Stimely
Daniel Guest Diane Davies
David Brookes Elizabeth Harding
David Farbey Elizabeth Uruchurtu
Diana Stimely Ellie Lockley
Elizabeth Cheetham Fay Musselwhite
Emma J Brown Felicity Skelton
Fay Musselwhite Hazel Jones
Felicity Skelton Ione Mako
Helen Hill Jill McKenna
Ingrid Andrew Katherine Venn
Jenny Hockey Kathy Doherty
Jerome Kiel Kay Burnett
Joan Hoare Kelly Watson
Judy Darley Kerry McSeveney
Judy Worham Kim Hall
Karen Kirstie Edwards
Kerri Buley Kirsty Chestnutt
keyswriter Laura Davis
Kinga Bisits Laura Wake
Kirstie Edwards Linda Lee Welch
Linda Sherlock Lisa Wallace
Linda Lee Welch Natasha Williams
Liz Loxley Rosa Fernandez
Maggie Butt Ruth Lauener
Maureen Weldon Sally Clarke
Maureen Coppack  Sarah Faust
Nick Howard  Sarah Thomasin
Nikki Green  Shan Morley Jones
Nuala Ni Chonchuir  Shirley Lindley
Ravenhill  Sue Beckingham
River Wolton  Sue Cooper
Robert Walton  Tricia Durdey
Ryan Finnegan  Victoria Edwards
Sarah Thomasin  Vivienne Andrews
Simon Currie  Hilary Cunliffe-Charlesworth
Sue Bodnar  
Susan Clegg  
Wally Smith  

And then there are the dozens of writers who’ve added something to walls of the Poetry Lounge. And the volunteers who have helped put the installations together. Hopefully I’ll get to name them all in the course of developing this blog.

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