More photos

Here are some photos of how the exhibition is progressing. We planned it to evolve, which it is, quite gradually. The main changes have been a few additions to the Poet’s Office, major redisplay of poems in the Lounge (I’m much happier with the way it looks now) and, of course, the gradual appearance and disappearance of visitors’ poems in the Garden of Stones. Here’s a few glimpses from today:

A photo taken of this poem:

Here’s a subtler one:

Meanwhile the windowsill is filling up:

Here’s how the contributors’ poems in the lounge now look:

And the poems written by visitors are growing (but not fast enough, in my view, so come along and write us something):

Here’s a poem in close-up, just in case you’ve never read one (this one is by Yasamin Motamedi):

And here’s what Keats, Hughes, Hopkins, Duffy and their illustrious peers have unwittingly contributed:

Here’s what three computers churning out poetry look like:

Very similar to three computers not churning out poetry, as it turns out.

Here’s some interactive poetry objects awaiting interacting poetic subjects:

And finally a poet’s eye view of the cafe and Alan Halsey’s exhibition “Memory Screen”.

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