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Sudden beautiful progress

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on February 5, 2010 by noelwilliams

I only arrived at Bank St late today. The gallery is transformed. Katherine’s central space is now strung with her bunting, which looks beautiful. The shadows cast are gentle and melancholic. It’s strange to see my words incorporated in someone else’s work, and I can’t stop smiling each time I think of it.

The room awaits my missing texts. Hopefully I’ll be confident enough in them to release them tomorrow. I have produced a small brochure to accompany the private view on Monday, though. Sneak preview here:

Her Garden of Stones is also almost in place, too. About two thirds of my seventy poems are now inscribed, word by word, on stones laid across the floor of one of the galleries. The grey of slate and the silver sheen of the words upon them is a softly dazzling sight in itself, but when you walk amongst them, which you must (especially to inspect the delicacy of her other work in the room) you necessarily disturb the words, and create new paths and connections. It’s like being on a beach, where every other pebble reveals something to you, a word that links with the word next to it, or a puzzle about how such a word might be used in a poem, or a reminder of words you saw elsewhere in the gallery, a visible echo.

And, again, these are my words but not my words. It’s a strange feeling.

It probably won’t matter if the other exhibits fall short, because these pieces are justification enough of the event, I think, and worth your visit if you go for no other reason.  

However, the rest of the work is looking good, too. The Poetry Lounge is already very lounge-like. No poems up as yet, though more have arrived today (we need more, by the way. Inundate us). But the furniture and layout makes it a gentle, somewhat nostalgic room, the sort where you want to spend an idle twenty or thirty minutes outside your hectic day, picking up the odd poetry book, scanning the writings of others on the walls, or, perhaps, as I dearly hope, penning a few words yourself which we can add to the exhibit.

Meanwhile Michael has finished all four of the audio tracks, and it’s up to me to spend the weekend editing the video to them in the best possible way. Which is no mean feat as, by my calculation, a total of at least 480 separate images is needed.

And, finally, there’s the ghost office, the engine room which is intended as the hub of all the ideas, my home when I’m there, as poet in motion, and a space in which half-formed ideas and almost-poems are floating just waiting for visitors to see them and pull them out of the air. At the moment, this entirely consists of two computer monitors. No computers, no desks, no furniture, no exhibits. Just two monitors.

Well, you can’t have everything.

The aim is to have three digital poems writing themselves so that work is taking place with the office creating poetry even when I’m not there. At the moment, though, I’ve only one computer which happily runs the software, so things are looking a little worrying on that front.

Still, three whole days to go……………..